Sports Venue Advertising Policy

Paid Advertising Policy

No paid advertising may be placed in or used by the District or a school except as defined and permitted herein and approved in accordance with this policy. No paid advertising shall be construed as or constitute an endorsement by the Board, District, or school of any product, service, activity, program, or organization, and the District reserves the right to reject any paid advertising. Subject to the approvals herein, paid advertising may be allowed on the Canton Local Schools athletic facilities, stadiums, ball fields, and gymnasiums, or any other venue where such paid advertising would be directed primarily to members of the public.

(1) All paid advertising must be documented by a contract signed by both the Sponsor and the Athletic Director. All advertisements must be approved by the Athletic Director before being displayed, and may not conflict with the school’s civic or educational mission.

(2) No paid advertising contract shall be of a duration of more than one sports season without prior approval.

(3) This policy is intended solely to sell paid advertising to raise revenue for individual athletic programs and does not create a public forum for public expression.